Welcome to Robertson Gymnastics Academy.


Welcome to Robertson Gymnastics Academy! We cater for athletes of all ages and athletic abilities, from true beginners to international level athletes. We aim to present quality programs which enable individuals to progress at their own rate and achieve their maximum potential.

How to get started

At Robertson Gymnastics Academy, we provide a wide range of classes to suit all skill levels. If you wish for your child to start their journey in gymnastics with us, simply come in for a trial lesson. For more information, click the link below.


Our Programs

Our programs cater to children from entry level through to our competitive teams in a range of gymnastics disciplines. Coached by decorated instructors, Robertson Gymnastics Academy is the perfect place for your child to grow in this life long sport.

Beginner classes

From Kindergym to General Gymnastics, our beginner level classes ready children for more challenging style classes by teaching them valuable gymnastics basics.

Advanced classes

Our advanced classes cater to children who are ready to learn National and International level skills in Acrobatic Gymnastics, Tumbling and Artistic Gymnastics.

Our Hours

We are open the following hours:

Monday - Friday: 9-11am, 3-8pm
Saturday: 8am-12pm
Sunday: Closed

Top in Australia and QLD.

We are currently one of the top Acrobatic Gymnastics clubs in Australia and the top in QLD. The Academy is also home to a World Silver Medal winning trio in Acrobatic Gymnastics – the highest ranking Australian placing at a world level in this discipline.

The Academy gives athletes the opportunity to develop to the maximum of their potential, including National representation for those with the talent and personal drive to achieve elite performance. Check out our Hall of Fame to see all our success stories!

World Class Facilities

Robertson Gymnastics Academy is one of the largest gymnastics venues in Australia, situated in 1600 square metres of designated gymnastics area. The Academy is fully equipped for a large variety of gymnastics disciplines and has air-conditioning facilities. Together, our combined venues make Robertson Gymnastics one of the largest and most comprehensive providers of Gymnastics Sports in Australia.


Latest RGA News

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Contact Us

Thinking about joining Robertson Gymnastics and have a specific question? Contact us using one of the methods below.

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Contact either of our locations to gain more information about your gymnastics journey.


Robertson Gymnastics Academy

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(07) 3348 8844 - 2:30pm - 5:00pm


33 Proprietary Street, Tingalpa, QLD, 4173

Sunnybank Hills

Robertson Gymnastics Centre

(07) 3345 4294


200 Bradman Street, Sunnybank Hills, QLD, 4109